Monday, May 16, 2005

Fictional Magicians vs. Kostya

1.) I was very excited about the magic show because it has been years since I have seen a real one. The performance by Kostya didn’t let me down, rather quite the reverse, he exceeded all my expectations. He left me wondering, more like dying with curiosity, about some of his more spectacular tricks. How in the world did he rip out the dictionary page and put it in the envelope without us seeing him do it? Simply amazing! He combined his natural ability with magic tricks with his great personality to make for a very entertaining show. It has been a long time since I’ve been impressed with an on stage performance, that includes a few of Shakespeare’s plays, but he really awed me with his on stage charisma and ability.

2.) The magic performance given by Kostya Kimlat was more entertaining then the fictional magicians covered in class. His performance was a success not only because of his prowess with the dexterous art of card tricks but also due to his on stage charisma. In society, card tricks and illusions are prevalent ways used to impress people however the trick is quickly forgotten about as life goes on. Kostya was able to make a deep impression on his audience because his performance involved more then just doing a number of card tricks. He combined his expertise in the field of magic with his ability to relate to the general audience. In his performance, he accomplished this by having a general conversation or telling a story which climaxed in a trick. Kostya easily outshone the fictional magicians because he went the extra mile by making it a theater production, which involved magic tricks. In both Cranford and The Room in the Dragon Volant the magician characters either employed all tricks, Signor Brunoni, or were wrapped up into a theatrical performance, the magician in The Room in the Dragon Volant. Kostya went above and beyond all previous fictional magicians read in class because of his ability to combine both on stage charisma with his fascinating tricks.

The most memorable moments during his performance were some of the stories he was telling while incorporating the magic tricks into the plot. I have never been to a show where, through storytelling and regular conversation, the magician led to his next trick. The magic tricks were great, but in reality, they would have been forgotten however through his unique style and showmanship a lasting impression was made. I have always been awed by even the simplest magic tricks so for the performance given in class, there was nothing done that didn’t impress me. The only thing irksome about the performance was the magician’s partner, I think the guy was his partner, who was asking too many questions. I guess there will always be one unruly fan at every show. To bad we didn’t have security. I was very entranced by the performance and will hope to try in the future to see more magic shows


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