Saturday, April 30, 2005

Judgement of an Uncanny Experience

1.) Before this class, I had never watched a psychic in action. I am, maybe due to my raising, completely skeptical of the uncanny experiences of the psychic. I believe that Jonathon Edwards is a fraud because he only hits 10 to 20 percent of the time. Why in the world would the dead lie? I think it is extremely doubtful that the dead would take the time to play a trick on Edwards. I would think that if he really was in contact with them he would be able to relate one hundred percent of the time, the truth about the dead relative.

2.) Judging other people’s uncanny experiences can be grouped in two categories. A person’s uncanny experience either is associated with other people or it is a personal moment. When a person has an uncanny experience in a personal reflection, the experience should not be judged on its validity. For example, when a dying women on her deathbed claims to have heard Jesus talking to her, no one in their right mind will judge the validity of the experience. There is no way to know whether the woman really did hear Jesus, and thus no one with any sanity should attempt to judge such an experience. Furthermore, there is no reason that any person should judge the validity of a personal experience. It is does not affect them in anyway and if they do attempt to pass judgement, they are being both intrusive and incompetent. An uncanny experience, that is personal, has no right to be judged by people isolated from the reflection.

The judgement of an uncanny experience that affects the lives of others should be judged objectively. For example, in the new and famous show Crossing Over, Jonathan Edwards claims to be in contact with dead relatives of the audience. This experience is no longer personal or isolated, and should be judged on its validity. The judgement on this type of experience is never subjective, rather it is objective. When he claims to hear the dead talking to him, an objective judgement should come from the audience member whose relative he claims is talking to him. If what Jonathon Edwards says is true or false an accurate objective judgement can be made on his validity as a psychic. In dealing with psychics, who claim to be in contact with the dead, there is no percentages rather he/she is substantiated or he is a fraud. When an uncanny experience touches other people’s lives, it should be scrupulously and objectively judged.


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