Friday, April 22, 2005

Final Thesis

Final Thesis: The increasing wariness of magic and the dark arts holstered by many people in twentieth century society was manifested and spread by the media.

Argument: I will first proceed to define the fear of magic in today’s society, using Freud’s definition of the Uncanny. Next I will show a historical example of a cultivated fear of the unknown. Then I will show examples in modern times, where the media takes isolated events and exaggerates the problem of the dark arts. Finally, I will connect all the examples and show the culpable party, in the cultivation of modern day fear over magic, is the media.

Sources: I am looking at many academic essays, in which the author has some knowledge or experience in the subject matter. Most of the essayists have a negative opinion towards the press the practices of magic are receiving as of late. I also am using media generated periodicals showing examples of their exaggeration.

Favorite Source: My favorite source would be the essay on the novel by Bill Ellis. It is called “Raising the Devil: Satanism, New Religions, and the Media.” This is my favorite source because of the plethora of information in the text dealing with my topic. Just look at the title, it fits right in with my thesis.

Interesting Fact: That a wrestler, Tiger Boy, was accused of using the dark arts to win his fight, after the other wrestler appeared to be knocked down without contact. Oh, and the wrestler who went down without contact was 60 years old.


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